STEP 1 :

- Click on a phone and 'Call Dan's Store'

- Collect 2 references (send request)

- Click on a mailbox and 'Send Off Resume'


STEP 2 :

- Click on your mailbox to cillect your contract (after 12 hrs)

- Visit Neighbours , click them and ask 'Heard About Dan's Store'

- Click a computer then 'Memorize Dan's Website'


STEP 3 :

- Be Inspired

- Click on the Career icon and pick 24 hrs job

- Collect 5 Dreams


STEP 4 :

- Buy 3 this week's new items

- Click any 5 items in your house and 'Search For Hidden Camera'

- Click on items and choose 'Dust And Tidy'


STEP 5 :

- Ask over a Sim and click a double seater sofa and 'Chat For Informecial'

- Ask over a Sim and click on a TV 'Discuss TV'

- Ask over a Sim and click on the Domestica Ringo-Fire Stove 'Show Off'


STEP 6 :

- Buy the Domestica Ringo-Fire Stove

- Do cooking skill on the Domestica Ringo-Fire Stove 5 times

- Click on computer and select a tag line to share


STEP 7 :

- Post an ad on the wall and ask 8 friends to click it

- Earn 670 simeoleons by doing writing skill

- Visit 10 Sims and 'Tell Them About Ad!'


blog_014.gif Complete!!

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